Our VOIP phone system – one year on

We have now had our VOIP phone system for one year so I thought I would give an update on how it has performed. I had this post sitting in draft almost ready to go and then a comment on the original post spurred me to finish it.

Regrets – we have none.

Reliability – generally excellent. In the year we have had perhaps 30 minutes of downtime due to the odd glitch with the cable internet and a power failure during the Wellington winter snows. Phone calls still came through to the Bria running on the iPhone.

Cost – Five local numbers including the fax, an 0800 number we use for voice conferencing, 6000 local minutes, 2000 international minutes and 150 mobile minutes all for $58 per month including GST.  We have never exceeded this.

Quality – excellent for the Panasonic handsets connected to the SPA’s.  For the Bria on the iPhone the quality has been variable over both wifi and 3G.  The office I work in has got rather poor reception for wifi and cell so I now leave the phone on 3G, this seems to give a more consistent result. I also find the battery life is better on 3g as when the phone is switched to wifi when it goes to sleep the wifi switches off and Bria has to re-register over 3g.

The voice conferencing over the 0800 has worked out very cost effectively. We were initially limited to eight inbound calls concurrently for the 0800 line, it is related to the lines on our plan somehow. I logged a call with 2Talk and they said as it was an 0800 number we could have extra concurrent incoming calls for no cost (usually you pay to increase your concurrent calls). So we now have a limit of 50 inbound concurrent calls for the 0800 number. I can’t imagine we will ever come close.

So yes I would definitely recommend 2Talk. If you have an IT person handy they can set it all up for you. I see that 2Talk have configurations for the SPAs that can be downloaded from their site.