A SIM card for Australia

In October 2012 I visited Perth and Baubre is off to Melbourne when I get back – these days we seem to be taking separate holidays, got to keep the office open.

Before I left I went hunting for a SIM card we could use while in Australia. I was after a prepay SIM that provided some calls (say 100 minutes), data (1GB) and the ability to tether the phone so I could do a bit of work while traveling.

I ended up selecting a SIM from www.amaysim.com.au. The one I went for was the $40 per month pre paid no plan autotop up from debit card. It gives unlimited calling in Australia, 4GB of data and you can tether with it. It runs on the Optus network. Bonus is that international calls are quite cheap too, between 6c and 20c per minute to many destinations. There are cheaper plans and pay as you go options available too.

I decided to take a punt and order the SIM via the web to be delivered to where I would be staying most of the time in Perth. As this was Wednesday and I was arriving on the Saturday I opted for the $5 pay as you go SIM, with the idea being to upgrade the plan to the $40 if it actually turned up. If it wasn’t there I’d lost $5 and could buy one on the day somewhere … hopefully.

When you buy a SIM in Australia you have to provide ID, I didn’t need to do this when I ordered over the web but that may be because I used an Australian debit card that was set up using the same address the SIM was going to. I was also able to choose the last 5 digits of the number so I got one to similar my NZ number – nice.

I arrived, the SIM was there. I put it in the phone and it worked – already activated. All I had to do was upgrade to the $40 plan and then enable tethering via txting TETHER to 568. I then added another $10 credit for international calling and turned off auto topup.

Excellent reception and data rates in Perth and down to Margaret River and back. A really good result and cheap and easy. Plus an app to check usage.

Now why can’t we get this sort of value in NZ??