A Salute to Small Business

It isn’t easy running a small business.  We know because we run one too and as chartered accountants we have literally seen hundreds of businesses in action over the years.

Those who don’t run small businesses are always hassling you: you should be exporting, you don’t pay your staff enough, and the compliance costs are crippling (OSH, ACC, Labour Dept surveys, GST, annual returns to the Companies Office, GST, income tax, ESCT, FBT etc).

Meanwhile you are working really hard to keep your customers and clients happy, your staff happy, your suppliers happy, and have some time with your family.

And sometimes it just seems easier to get a job.

But for business owners, owning your own business is compelling.  You haven’t done a degree in entrepreneurship or business management but you just know that you have to get on and do it.

And our country and society needs you.  You provide employment, pay taxes to help pay for our country’s schools and hospitals, and don’t take anything from the government. And more than anyone would believe, you care about your staff and their welfare.

We know this because we see your financial records and talk with you.  We know that you pay your staff before yourself which means sometimes there are lean years.  And it’s often lonely running your own business.  You can’t really talk to your staff or family about how hard it is sometimes.

But it’s also fun and rewarding and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

So we salute you! Keep up the good work!