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Our practice has grown with Xero!

Why this blog?

Someone suggested we nominate ourselves for the regional Xero partner of the year. Why not I thought so here goes…

Our commitment to Xero – the company and the product

  • Early adopter (2007)
  • Early investor (2009)
  • We are passionate about Xero and are always working to improve the product – ask departed Xeros Andrew Tokeley or Daren Riley, current Xeros Matt Barnett, Mark Blundell, Chloe Jackson
  • Regular attendees at Xerocon
  • Martin is a member of the Xero Global Advisory Council
  • Baubre has presented at Xero road shows and Xerocon and was on Xero homepage 2009 and 2010!


We work the Xero way

  • We are a Xero Gold partner and 100% Xero
  • We use Xero Practice Manager
  • We use Xero addons
  • We are paperless and cloud based
  • We bundle Xero with our pay monthly packages
  • We have online checklists
  • We provide free Xero support for our clients, friends and strangers
  • It is a KPI for our staff to be Xero certified
  • We run free seminars for clients and the public

We have a great Xero partner website

While there may be prettier sites around (but it is arguable) ours is 100% Xero and really useful for clients, the public and anyone using Xero

How do we find clients?

Actually we don’t go looking for clients – they find us. They find us through word of mouth, through our website and through the partner page on the Xero website.

A lot of them come because we are a Xero practice.

What sets us apart?

We’re here for our clients and they’re what get us out of bed everyday. We listen, and solve their problems, whether its overdue taxes, cashflow, succession planning, or just gnarly transactions. We’re with them when they start up, making sure that they have the best operating structure, cloud based accounting , payroll and workflow management systems; we’re there when they have their own babies or move onto bigger things, we feel pride in their successes as if they were our own, we understand the late nights, and the lonely decision making that only another business owner can really understand, and we’re there when they sell their “baby” (the business not their physical babies!) or wind it up because they’re moving on to something else.

We’re about quality not quantity so although we’ve grown organically year on year we won’t win awards for being the fastest growing. But it’s very rare for a client to leave. Not only is it personally rewarding helping people grow financially it’s also an awesome privilege to be part of so many great people’s lives/ happiness/ success.


  • Biggest regret – missing the first Xerocon in Hawkes Bay as we were overseas
  • First post on the Xero community – (I think I got that link right)
  • Our son was an intern at Xero and spent his time there fixing the unreconcile button
  • Rod was the guest speaker at our office opening
  • Winner of the inaugural Xero website of the year award (our old site probably this version)

website award 2009

A final word

We are committed to Xero and recommend it to our clients because we absolutely believe Xero makes their lives easier, improves their business and is great value. And time and time again clients have told us they love Xero.

As of now there isn’t anything else out there that comes close to Xero but rest assured – if or when there is a better product then we will absolutely recommend that product!

Thank you Xero – we have grown with you!


PS We are recruiting – if you are CA qualified come and talk to us